• "So teams like that need to be encouraged. We need to give them more exposure. That is something we need to do more to spread women’s cricket around the world.’’ Mitali Raj


• Women sports are not shown like men sports, broadcasters prefer telecasting men sports, print visuals are heavily dominated by the same. Although cricket is the most popular sport in India ,the extent of coverage women’s cricket has got in the past when compared to its male counterpart have been absurdly less.


Howz8? Is conceptualised not only with a view to popularise women's cricket as a sport , but to also promote woman players and spectators ,address issues of inequalies in professional sports, media coverage, and sponsorships by popularising the event in colleges and instutions.


• By reaching to the people on Woman’s day we can create a tremendous outreach and give visibility to our women sports role model in Cricket

A bowler or fielder shouting at the umpire to ask if his last ball took the batsman's wicket. Usually phrased in the form of howzat (how is that?) Common variations include 'Howzee?' (how is he?), or simply turning to the umpire and shouting. The umpire cannot give a batsman out unless the fielding side appeals, even if the criteria for a dismissal have otherwise been met. However, batsmen who are obviously out (for instance if they are bowled) will normally leave the field without waiting for an appeal.