Rules & Regulations

  • The number of teams participating will be usually 32 teams.

  • There will be 6 pools (groups) depending on number of entries

  • All teams will play each other within their pool (depending on entries).

  • Points allocation per game will be as follows: Three (3) points for a win. One (1) point for a draw. Zero (0) points for a loss.

  • The winners of each pool will proceed to the quarter-finals.

  • Where two or more teams finish on the same points within each pool, the winner of the pool will be decided by the following:

  • Where two teams finish on equal points, the winner will be the team who won between the two teams.

  • Where three teams finish on equal points and the first tie-breaker does not apply, the winner will be decided by
    dividing the total runs scored off the bat by the total wickets lost in all games played.


  • Where two or more teams cannot be separated, the tournament committee will determine the winner of the pool by toss of coin.

  • It is anticipated that each round in pool play will take no longer than 30 minutes

  • Umpires / Organizers decision is final in case of any disputes. Only the team captain is allowed to discuss any points with the umpires.

  • The umpires have the right to call off a match, if there are continuous arguments by a team and grant a win to the opponents.